Sweden Telephone

+46 (0) 214 950 215

Netherlands Address

De Steiger 139, 1351 AM ,Almere ,Nederland

Netherlands Telephone

+31 (0) 507 200 011


  • You contact one of our salespeople by telephone.
  • You send us an e-mail containing the details of your order.
  • You order directly via our website.
  • The Reservation Form must be filled out completely with the correct details of the purchaser(Buyer)
  • Your order does not become final until we receive your down payment
  • As soon we receive your Order, we will email you back with the Proforma Invoice.

  • Proforma Invoice is the pre-shipment invoice once the vehicle is purchased. It is bill of payment before shipment that you will be needed to be present to your bank so as to transfer the payment.
  • A proforma invoice must contain the following information :
  • Full name and postal address of the shipper and the receiver with contact details .
  • Number and date of issue of the pro-forma invoice
  • Quantity of goods, price per unit, total value of every position
  • Total value of goods
  • Currency
  • Payment details
  • Number and date of agreement
  • Invoices should contain signature or stamp
  • Buyer shall pay 100% (Down Deposit) within 24 hours of Proforma Invoice issue, through (Bank Wire Transfer), otherwise we will cancel the purchase .
  • The preferred method of payment is (Bank Wire Transfer), which is the quickest, safest and cheapest method. 
  • Buyer must confirm the payment through email or fax bank transcript within 24 hours to us, otherwise we will cancel the purchase and Buyer will be charged a cancellation fee, which is 5% of invoice .
  • The buyer must contact us with a copy of the payment receipt .
  • We arrange shipment as soon as your payment is received and confirmed by our bank.
  • Once we ship your vehicle we will let you know or you can see the delivery status of your vehicle using the tracking number that we will provide you .

  • You will be offered the somehow same vehicle that we can always arrange for you.

  • You will be offered to choose or order any vehicle on the same value you transferred (Note that if there is any shortfall you owe to Selby Export then you must clear that before shipment, and alternatively if Selby Export owe you the balance because of overpayment, we will transfer you the balance).

You will be offered to have your paid amount back i.e. refund of same amount & currency that you transferred.
Thus, you will have all option in your hand. Please feel free to share with us. We apologies for any inconvenience if occur due to our purchase policy. You could send us your bonafide signed or certified copy of your bank transfer transcript or statement through fax or scanned copy through email.

Should you have any inquiry please don?t hesitate to contact us .

Thank you for visiting us and working with us.

Best Regards,

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